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We are now in an era where a businesses online reputation is a main factor in any decision making process. Your reputation is judged on a variety of sites including Google, Business Directories or Review based websites. These sites are aimed at assisting the decision making process, but they are fast becoming the reason behind people′s final decision.

These reviews can often be the difference between you getting the order or one of your competitors. They are used daily as a final comparision to which business gets the first enquiry. If your reputation on review sites is below par, you could be losing thousands of pounds a year based on incorrect information.

This service takes the luck out of the equation and allows you to take hold of your reputation. You should know at all times what is being said about your business, and be acting on it or correcting it. Negative or average reviews should not be accepted as okay.

google review


A business plans on purchasing from an industry they haven′t purchased from before. They narrow the field down to three different companies, with all three identical on price and hard to seperate. The order is valued at £50,000, with a profit margin ranging around the 20% mark.

Business A: Spend a large amount on marketing and have a good online repuation around 4/5 on most websites.

Business B: Have a low online visibility, due to the amount spent on marketing. This mean it is hard to find lengthy reviews.

Business C: Are a struggling business with a number of bad online reviews.

Business A is chosen for the contract, as they are the stand out candidate. The other two could have won this contract if they had spent a couple of hundred pounds on online reputation management.


A local dentist is doing okay, but is constantly looking for new business. Every month they reach their breakeven point, but a number of local competitors seem to be much busier.

The dentist in question spends money on advertising, as well as having a new impressive website. They search for themselves on the internet, and soon realise on Google Places that they have a number of average reviews. This factor can often be the difference between success and failure.

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social media training
social media training




The more impressive reviews you have online, the more chance you have of receiving enquiries. No longer do people just search, they carry out efficient research.

Do you have a number of bad reviews putting your business and livelihood in trouble? For ethical reasons we never remove bad reviews, but simply help transform your image.

By adding a number of reviews across various sites, this will attract new custom and leads. Your brand reputation is important with the level of transparency.

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Do you have little or no reviews online? This package is aimed at improving your reputation online, so that potential custom can view more about your company.

It only takes one unhappy customer to ruin your reputation. This doesn’t give your business fair representation, and we therefore transform your online image.

The extensive package will make your business shine. The aim of this is to fill your first Google results page with sites that leave a positive impression.

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twitter management
twitter management
twitter management
twitter management

While this service is aimed at improving your online reputation, we will not act unethically on your behalf. It aims to put you in control of your reputation and all actions carried by us will be ethical.

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